Taking toddler twins to see the world!

Flying with twins!

This is the scariest part of travel with twins in my opinion! The more we do, the better I get!

The first time I flew to Christchurch to Melbourne, I had a friend in tow. It is not possible to travel with two under two alone so bear that in mind before booking.

What to take:

1. Baby carriers. These were amazing. We had an ergo each and it meant we weren’t stuck when we couldn’t use the pram (checked in).

2. Food. The twins got hungry at the most inconvenient times! Never on board when there was food available, but at the customs counter, or in the queues, or waiting to board. Having some clean, easy to handle snacks quickly accessible made all of the difference.

3. Pyjamas. Depending on the time of your flight, having comfortable pyjamas to wear is important. I found this was a good way for the children to understand it was still bedtime.

4. Merino sleep sacks. We flew in the evening, zipped the twins into the tops of their merino sacks and it meant they could still fit the ergo with the sack rolled up at the back. This meant that when they got on board we unrolled, zipped it up and they snuggled up. One slept the whole way to Melbourne, the other was so excited to be on a plane he sat and “oohed” most of the way!

5. Bottles. If you can still bring a bottle, do so. Sucking it on take off and landing helps their ears equalise and stops the tears. I also found it helped my daughter fall asleep as it was part of her normal bedtime routine.

6. Toys. I went to the $2 and stocked up on some small toys that could be unwrapped, colouring books and some washable pens. This was enough of an excitement to play with if needed, but to be honest, the novelty of screen time was more than enough for the short trip.

7. Yu Yee oil, eucalyptus oil or a combination. Yu Yee oil is a travelling Mum’s best kept secret. It smells fabulous, relaxes baby, relaxes you and is totally natural. I found a combination of eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil on some thick cotton wool in a small glad wrap bag was also fabulous for equalising, and wiping down any surfaces as it acts as an antibacterial agent too!

8. A change of clothes. For everyone! When travelling I like to wear dresses, and take a light one in a bag as a change, and a spare pair of stockings. You can always pull a jumper over the top and still look cute, and it breaths enough if you are stuck on one of those stifling flights where the aircon doesn’t work!

9. Baby wipes/face wipes. I really like water wipes, they are nicer on everyones skin and they make you feel really fresh without smelling like you’ve dipped yourself in chemicals. Throw in some sample deo (I really like the $1 samples from the dirty hippy) and youll feel as good as new when you land!

10. Have fun! Relax. Remember, no matter what happens, you will not be on board forever, and youll probably never see those around you again!