Taking toddler twins to see the world!

The planning begins…

The planning begins…

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A cold, rainy, Canterbury day… what better excuse to forego the studies and start the planning!

I am not sure where my travel bug came from…experience as a child in Spain? An adolescent backpacking Europe, a student investigating Burma… or as my many adventures as an adult… I guess it doesn’t matter where it came from. It hasn’t left me! Even after having twins and taking on some study I find myself dreaming of life on the road. So why wait.

Shout out to Helen at House of Travel Christchurch for her help booking our tickets. My indecision was less than helpful but we got there in the end. Now the real planning begins!

Dubai is our first stop! I cannot wait for some sun! The twins… they want to see a dinosaur, and eat pizza… lets start planning…