Taking toddler twins to see the world!

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TikiTouringTwins was created to share some of our travel hacks, tips and experiences that even the most experienced, globe trotting, families can appreciate.

We hope you enjoy reading about our crazy adventures, following our stories and may be we can encourage you to take the plunge and embark on your own world adventures with your own children (or without)!

Now something about me (mum). I have been lucky enough to have travelled a lot over the years; nights in small tents, backpackers, couchsurfing, airbnb, fancy hotels and overnight trains… but with toddler twins…yeah, this is quite new! I probably cannot begin to imagine the challenges that we will face; but do you know what, we only live once, and the best time to travel is NOW! Why wait! There will always be excuses…work, study, money… when will there ever be “enough money”!? I want to show you it is possible! Your life, and that of your children, can be enriched through travel.

Let me show you the possibilities are endless…

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