Taking toddler twins to see the world!

How I plan the trip…

This is something I would not have considered BT (before twins)! We recently visited Samoa and planning was something I failed to do enough of… learn from my mistakes and here goes!

In this section of the site you will find links to our best planning advice…what to take… what not to take… what not to let 2 year olds be responsible for… you get the idea!

Travelling internationally can induce anxiety in even the most experienced globe trotters… adding kids to the mix, that sounds just terrifying. Let me make it easy for you…Follow the links below for specific advice on the 4 P’s – Plan, Prepare, Pack, Participation!

1. PLAN! This is something I would never have considered BT! What…book ahead…nah that is just limiting. When there are two pint sized tired travellers in tow, it makes the arrival so much easier if you know there is somewhere close by to confine the children and lay your head. After a couple of days of rest, you will have the energy to be more spontaneous.

2. PREPARE! Where are you arriving…how far is your hotel… avoid that moment of “WHAT… its a 4 hour drive to the hotel…”

3. PACK! What to take… what to definitely NOT take…and how to pack sensibly. Anything I take on our next adventure, I have to carry myself…including the tired twins!

4. Participation – This is where you find our experience…the best hotels, life on the road, the places we visit and the sites we see…